G10 AC Sliding Control Panel
G10 AC Sliding Control Panel Litar Kawalan Utama (Panel  Kawalan) Pintu Pagar Automatik Kluang, Johor, Johor Bahru (JB) Supplier, Supplies, Installation | CJS Technology


With a push and release of a push button or RF transmitter, the gate slides open. It will continue to move until it reaches the open limit position and then stops. The next press will make the gate moves in closing direction. Upon reaching the close limit position, it stops again. If the gate is moving and a pushbutton is pressed, the gate will stop. Another press later will set the gate traveling in the reverse direction.

Two independent adjustable force sensors are used for opening and closing to prevent crushing. Another safety function using photobeam is also provided. Another safety function using photobeam is also provided. NO/NC limit switch mode is selectable by a jumper. A timer is programmed internally for 90 seconds maximum continuous running duration; once exceeded, it will cut off automatically to prevent overheating. 2 auto-close functions are optional by a jumper selection for 40S or 60S delay when gate is fully opened.

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